Talking about photography is like dancing with light and painting with emotions.

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Hello to all,
Well I guess it is about time I introduce myself here. Nina has asked me to write something for our new blog, and even though I am not so strong with words… here we go!
My name is Zeljko,  I am with Dubrovnik Riviera Weddings for over a year now shooting the weddings in Dubrovnik.
The fun part of the job is to meet all these new people and trying to make them happy. Dubrovnik is naturally a beautiful place which is of great value for all photographers. But the real trick lies in capturing the beauty of the bride, groom and guests. 
Some, especially brides, can get really nervous at times. When I meet them before the wedding ceremony they are tense and worried about the dress, the make up, the bridesmaids being late…. So many things are going on in their suite it can become quite hectic.It is my job to make them feel at ease and comfortable, and just relax.

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