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Queen Emma Summer Palace Rehearsal Dinner

I adore the Queen Emma Summer Palace off the Pali Hwy on Oahu. It eludes royalty, elegance and mana (power). The tall green trees that surround the palace in all it’s splendor provides shade and noise reduction from the highway. You feel like you have taken a trip back to the days of the monarchy. The photo ops are incredible. You can offer a tour of the palace as guests arrive or during the cocktail hour. Enjoy dining rooms, bedrooms and living area set just as they were many years ago. The koa wood furniture, decor, feathers and garb are all on display for your enjoyment.

For Such a Time Designs Customized Fork and Knife

My absolute favorite Etsy designer!  Aly with For Such a Time Designs does wonderful custom designs on forks, spoons, knives, etc.  She creates lasting memories!  I’m a huge fan of using a fork and knife set instead of or with a cake knife on your wedding day to cut your cake.  Or how about eating with your “Mr” & “Mrs” fork on our wedding day.  Or surprise your  parents, bridal party with their initials and have them at their seat on their wedding day.  We did it and our family loved it!  Every time I open my cutlery drawer I am taken back to the best day of my life.  Life tastes this good!  Aly not only gave great customer service and got our orders in quickly with perfection, she is a sweetheart!  You really feel as if each piece was made with love, devotion and passion.

Outrigger Reef Waikiki Voyager Rooftop Wedding

I’ve already told you how much fun this couple is and was.  The escort tree, the tables were named after famous buildings in their hometown of Pittsburgh.  This was truly Hawaiian Tropical Elegance.  How cute are their babies going to be;) 

All photos by the wonderful and loved by me Stephen & Litton Ludwig. 
Cake by the amazing and perfectionists; Paradise Pastries.
Florals by my favorite hometown florist Picket Fence

Wedding Wire Bride’s Choice Awards for 2012

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Burlap Inspiration Board

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Ivana’s Post #12: Only a Month To Go?

It seems like it was only yesterday that we met…I can still remember writing my first post, thinking, I had months and months to write to you all, and that this process would help me pass the time, while waiting for the big day. 
Well I was wrong about two things. Read more »

Ivana’s Post #13: Summer Lovin Soiree – Part One

Wow! What a Weekend!I cannot believe that something we've been planning for over a year has just come and gone…Seemingly with the snap of our fingers!Although a bit sad that it is past, we couldn't be happier as it was everything we imagined it would be!

Looking through the pictures now, I am so happy that we decided to host this party. Without it, we would have not had the opportunity to celebrate with our close family & friends. 
Granted, I could have chosen to keep it much more low key…Avoid some of the work & consequent stress…But for anyone who knows me…That's not really my style at all :) And I had such a fun time preparing all the decorations, food, ideas, plans and crafts…If only for that matter, it was worth every second!
I am a little sad that these preparations have now ended, but luckily some of the hand crafted items will get another moment to shine as they embark with us on a journey to Croatia for the wedding!And as for my time – well there is still plenty to do with getting ready for the big trip, so I'm my sadness will only last a moment.
I have a very picture-heavy post, so I've split it up into two.Today I will show some pictures from the party, and tomorrow, some pictures from the decor perspective.Read more »

Ivana’s Post #14: Summer Lovin’ Soiree – Part Two

I'm back and so excited to share all the creations from the soiree! 
Months & month ago, we decided that this would be a little bit more than just a party. Being so far away from all the planning action overseas, and knowing that many of the friends and family that were at our soiree would not be there with us for the big day…We knew we wanted to do more…Just didn't quite know where to begin!
Was it going to be a reception? Was it possibly going to be a second wedding? So many friends and relatives asked…And we couldn't tell them…Because we didn't even know!
About eight months ago, things finally just clicked into place. Mark and I decided on what we felt was an appropriate function for the event….A casual reception :)  
Meaning, all the decor, food, fun & grandness, without all the speeches, receiving lines, and other formalities usually associated with the day.
Knowing that it would be  more than just a party, we started planning all the details months ago. I knew that decorating would be a challenge, especially since we ended up hand-making just about everything at the party…Read more »

Ivana’s Post #15: A Week to Go!

It truly is incredible how quickly time flies when you are planning something…Perhaps the most interesting paradox is how time is going so quickly yet not nearly fast enough! If you are confused by this, don't worry, you are not the only one :)  
We are just as intrigued by how one minute we wish we had more time to finalize details, and in the next moment we cannot wait for next Saturday to arrive. 
All in all, I am very relieved that the end is in sight…Or should I say, the beginning? Either way, with all the planning that has taken place and the many events that we had leading up to the wedding (good & bad), both Mark and myself find ourselves in dire need of a break!
Although we know that first portion of the trip will be nothing but running around and trying to finalize everything, we are really looking forward to meeting everyone who has helped us thus far, and to see it all in person before the big day. 
It is truly an exciting feeling….
In the last few weeks we have finalized all of the plans with Nina. We figured out the flower style & budget, determined times to meet the week prior the wedding, finalized the decor (explaining what we will bring with us and what is still needed), and other little things that have been on our minds. 
I had what I thought was my final dress fitting on Wednesday. Although I can't spoil the surprise and show you pictures of the dress, here is one of me peeking out of the dressing room…

The dress is mostly ready, with a few minor details that need attention. If all goes well, it will be safely in my hands next Wednesday and ready for the cross-Atlantic adventure, along with us and our many packed bags! Read more »