Simple Margarita Tutorial for a Tasty Cocktail Hour Signature Drink

9/10 3698

The Whole Shebang traveled down to the North Carolina Coast this weekend for a gorgeous wedding on the waterfront of Southport, NC. I had the pleasure of working with my 3 little sisters and brother in law of Southport Catering.
Thought I’d share a step by step Margarita recipe that we served for their cocktail hour.
The mix that I made lasted through the Cocktail Hour for a guest list of 120 but we were also serving beer and wine. If you are just sticking with the cocktail and nothing else, I would double the batch.
3 Cans of Limeade – Dilute with an extra 8 oz of water for each can so that it’s not too sweet.
2 Fifths of Silver Tequila
1 Pint of Triple Sec or Cointreau
5 Oranges Squeezed
10 Limes Squeezed
Combine all ingredients in one big container and then distribute into pitchers. Pour over ice and garnish with a lime.
Be sure to stir the mix regularly so that the pulp is evenly distributed.
We didn’t bother with salt on the rim just to save on time and nobody missed it but that’s easy to do if you want.
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