No Backward Newspaper nails

9/10 3698

Have you ever thought of doing the newspaper nails that are not backward? I have. So I decided to try out different methods of how not to get it backward.

You will need:
A clear nail polish not the top coat because it won’t work ( I already tried it)
Wax paper
Alcohol ( I use the 70% one)
Nail foil glue. You can find it online
And some newspaper that is cut into small pieces (make sure it’s big enough to cover the nails)
Light color polish to use as a base for the newspaper (white and cream work best)

1. First find a font/style of type on a newspaper you like. Cut small strips out of the news paper that are big enough to cover your nails. Shape and file your nails till they are just the way you like! Paint them with a base and 2 coats of the color. Let them dry completely.
2. Apply the clear nailpolish to wax paper and let it dry completely.
3. Pour the alcohol into the small cup and dip the small piece of the newspaper (one side only) into the alcohol. I tried dipping two sides and it was very hard to work on.
4. Quickly apply a piece of newspaper and firmly press it on your the polished area of the wax paper and gently pull the news paper off. The text from the paper should now stick to your clear polish. It might take a few tries to get this down, but once try you’ll get the hang of it.
5. Apply the nail glue to the nails that are already painted, let it dry. When the glue dry it shoulapplyd be clear and tacky. Take the wax paper over the nail and press it down, gently rolling the finger a bit so you can get to all the corners. Slowly peel off the wax paper from your nail, you might need to clean up the edges a bit.
Top it off with the top coat and voila! You’re done.