Ivana’s Post #9: Bridal Showers & Fun with Family & Friends

9/10 3698

How quickly the week has passed! I promised I'd be back with a post about my top wedding resources, but quickly realized that this post would have to wait until next time, because I have so much to share from the last weekend!
In my previous post, I mentioned that we were going home for a couple of days, with the primary reason being that my Maid of Honor was holding a bridal shower in my name :)
It was a happy coincidence that 16 years ago (minus one day, to be exact), my family attended a shower of a different sort in our small community. It was a welcome shower that was held for our family to help us as we officially made Canada our new home. So many community members attended with helpful gifts in tow, to ease the burden of starting a life in a new country.
It was completely unplanned that my bridal shower take place on almost the exact same day, but it somehow it just seemed appropriate and perfectly poetic. 
It meant a great deal to me that that the many faces that welcomed us 16 years ago, were the same ladies I had the pleasure of re-connecting with over the weekend. Somehow, we had lost touch over the years. Never something I intended to happen, but it certainly seems to happen to many of us as our lives grow and we become increasingly busier.
It was such a blessing and absolutely the most special part of the entire event…To see the faces I had so often thought about. Reminiscing over old memories. Bringing back everything that was so special about my childhood and the wonderful moments I treasure from making the move to this beautiful country.
Of course, none of this would have been possible without Amy – my MOH. She is somewhat of a planning-extraordinaire, and has the uncanny ability to turn any event into one to remember for a lifetime! 
From the many days of planning, to the various phonecalls, trips, and early mornings and late nights, she certainly pulled out all the stops, and I will forever be grateful. Read more »