Ivana’s Post #8: Back from our Trip & Catching Up!

9/10 3698

Boy time flies! I've been so busy with everything going on in life that, dare I say – planning for the wedding has taken a bit of a back seat.I'm sure that the warmer weather has had something to do with it too. After a looooong winter, we've just been enjoying the few beautiful days we've been blessed with…So when it comes down to choosing between writing emails, organizing things, or simply throwing caution into the wind and enjoying a lovely day…I'm thinking the latter usually wins.But with that comes a huge amount of work that needs catching up…And that's about where we are right now!
Since I blogged last, some fun events have taken place and we've accomplished a few more things…
We've received quite a few responses for the Summer Lovin Soiree…Which is super awesome!As soon as we know approximate numbers, we can begin planning table set-ups, and deciding how many centrepieces, tablecloths and such we will need. It will also make it so much easier to plan for food, drinks, etc…
We're busily trying to keep a list of songs that we want to play that night…So Mark has started another spreadsheet :) You can read Mark's blog entry here, and all about his love of spreadsheets.
We're also in the process of asking some family and friends to send us their song wish list – It will take the pressure off of us, plus allow us to play an eclectic mix of songs to please the masses!
Mike & Shawna (my B&S-in-law) have so graciously made and bottled wonderful white & red wines for the big night…We met with them one evening to help bottle the whites, but just couldn't fit it into our schedule to pull of the reds too…A HUGE thanks to both of you guys for doing that for us!
Now I have to get busy in my craft room, and work some magic in creating wine tags.Any good suggestions/ideas? I've been checking out Pinterest daily for ideas…Would love it if anyone had a link to share! (Just a side note – in my next post I will take some time to review my fave wedding resources, like Pinterest, for all the bride-to-be's!)
I've also been doing a few things here and there for one of my upcoming showers. Which is this weekend!!!!

AHHHH! Does this mean it's already the end of May?I can't believe it. Really. It has flown by so quickly!Read more »