Ivana’s Post #4: The Big Decisions (Wedding Location)

9/10 3698

Back tonight with installment two of our 'Big Decisions'.
Before I go into more detail, I am happy to report that we have finally booked our honeymoon location in Paris! It took a little bit longer than anticipated, but we are both thrilled with the place we've found. 
In the end, we chose location over amenities, as we figure we will probably spend the least amount of time in the apartment. And it didn't hurt that the vantage points from the picturesque balcony are lovely…

Oh and one more thing…The cute bakery/patisserie around the corner can't be beat :) Do I care that I will come back to Canada with a few extra pounds and a carb-induced perma-grin? Not in the slightest. I look forward to all the early morning croissants and buttery delicacies more than any other part of our Parisian expedition.
Here are a few pictures of the spot we've booked. The reviews are what sold us. Our first convo with Thierry (the owner) was wonderful. Sweet, sweet man.Couldn't help but feel confident in our choice and we're so glad that we went for it. Another thing checked off the list.This makes me very happy. Almost as happy as the croissants to come :)
Now back to the past tense…Where were we?
Oh yes. The wedding location.
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