Ivana’s Post #3: The Big Decisions (Guests & Accommodation)

9/10 3698

It has been a little too long since I posted.So brace yourselves!I have many things to talk about today… 
In the last post, I mentioned that I would soon begin to describe all the big decisions we've made thus far. Things like our guest list, our ceremony and reception locations, accommodation choices, etc… 
I am so thankful that most of these have now finally been taken care of. To say that all the research, planning, and decision-making has been nothing but fun, would be the furthest thing from the truth. At least for me. 
Before I scare you away, I do have to stress the fact that my prior point strongly depends on which one of us you ask. Myself, being the creative-type that I am, research is not always a favorite of mine. I do enjoy a good educational encounter here and there, but to say that I take pleasure in browsing the internet whilst tracking every detailed bit of information in a plethora of spreadsheets, would be a bit of a stretch. Since all of the items I mentioned above require extensive research, I guess I am not offering the most objective opinion.
Mark, on the other hand, is particularity fond of  a good search. The process of starting a seemingly never-ending hunt, tracking  all the data in a monstrous spreadsheet (I am not kidding – you should SEE his files!), compiling a detailed analysis and eventually, finding a bargain…To him – it is a thrill-seeking game. You may laugh, but I am not kidding.
Of course, while I turn cross-eyed every time he tries to explain something to me, deep down inside, I am so thankful that he willingly takes on this task. All of his research and decision making, means that I can focus on all the other wedding details I love so much (like the flowers, the decor, the menu, etc.).
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