Ivana’s Post 2: Making Our Dream Location Possible

9/10 3698

I am back – I missed you all and to be honest, so much has been happening with our wedding planning that my fingers have been tingling to start typing and sharing all the milestones covered over the last four months.
 Ever felt like you had so much to say? So much in fact, that your overwhelming pile of thoughts, would turn into exactly the thing that would paralyze your words? I have been feeling that way. On one hand – extremely excited, happy, wanting to depict every moment of all the marvelous plans that we have been so busily undertaking… On the other – a complete and total blank of where to start, what to say, what to share….
And if you happen to know me, you know that 'speechless' is not a quality that defines me well.
So I will take it slow, and post more frequently, as I know that this journey is only to happen once (I hope!) and I am not sure when, but I am hopeful that one day, very soon, I will catch you up to all that has happened and that we will be able to move forth in the present tense. But until then, I hope you hang in there as you read recap upon recap and all my renditions of the last few months…I promise that the backdrop will paint a much clearer picture. 
So, remember in last post when I said this: “I know that without a shadow of a doubt, that this wedding would not be possible without our incredibly wonderful, talented, supportive, kind and marvelous wedding planner, Nina.” . If you don't know what I am talking about or need a refresher – scroll down and read the first entry and it will all become clear :)
Going back to that point…
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