Ivana’s Post #15: A Week to Go!

9/10 3698

It truly is incredible how quickly time flies when you are planning something…Perhaps the most interesting paradox is how time is going so quickly yet not nearly fast enough! If you are confused by this, don't worry, you are not the only one :)  
We are just as intrigued by how one minute we wish we had more time to finalize details, and in the next moment we cannot wait for next Saturday to arrive. 
All in all, I am very relieved that the end is in sight…Or should I say, the beginning? Either way, with all the planning that has taken place and the many events that we had leading up to the wedding (good & bad), both Mark and myself find ourselves in dire need of a break!
Although we know that first portion of the trip will be nothing but running around and trying to finalize everything, we are really looking forward to meeting everyone who has helped us thus far, and to see it all in person before the big day. 
It is truly an exciting feeling….
In the last few weeks we have finalized all of the plans with Nina. We figured out the flower style & budget, determined times to meet the week prior the wedding, finalized the decor (explaining what we will bring with us and what is still needed), and other little things that have been on our minds. 
I had what I thought was my final dress fitting on Wednesday. Although I can't spoil the surprise and show you pictures of the dress, here is one of me peeking out of the dressing room…

The dress is mostly ready, with a few minor details that need attention. If all goes well, it will be safely in my hands next Wednesday and ready for the cross-Atlantic adventure, along with us and our many packed bags! Read more »