Ivana’s Post #13: Summer Lovin Soiree – Part One

9/10 3698

Wow! What a Weekend!I cannot believe that something we've been planning for over a year has just come and gone…Seemingly with the snap of our fingers!Although a bit sad that it is past, we couldn't be happier as it was everything we imagined it would be!

Looking through the pictures now, I am so happy that we decided to host this party. Without it, we would have not had the opportunity to celebrate with our close family & friends. 
Granted, I could have chosen to keep it much more low key…Avoid some of the work & consequent stress…But for anyone who knows me…That's not really my style at all :) And I had such a fun time preparing all the decorations, food, ideas, plans and crafts…If only for that matter, it was worth every second!
I am a little sad that these preparations have now ended, but luckily some of the hand crafted items will get another moment to shine as they embark with us on a journey to Croatia for the wedding!And as for my time – well there is still plenty to do with getting ready for the big trip, so I'm my sadness will only last a moment.
I have a very picture-heavy post, so I've split it up into two.Today I will show some pictures from the party, and tomorrow, some pictures from the decor perspective.Read more »