It all started with…

9/10 3698

A trip to Croatia in 2009.

Let me elaborate a little bit more…But before I do, I suppose, as a formality, it would be best for me to introduce myself and my fiance to you. 
So here we go! Hello fellow brides & grooms to-be and all of you out there whom may have stumbled upon this blog or followed the link from my blog
My name is Ivana , and I am originally from the beautiful land of the Balkans. I now live in Saskatchewan, Canada, where I met my lovely fiance (Mark) many, many years ago, while still in high school. We were, and always will be, high-school sweethearts, and we couldn't be happier to finally be 'tying the knot'.

Here we are:

While there is so much more I could tell you about us, I know that this information will come to light in our time together over the next seven months…So I won't bore you. 
Instead, let me continue with the rest of my story and explain how all of this started…And by 'all of this', I don't mean the engagement…I mean 'the trip'.
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