How to reduce stress when planning a wedding

9/10 3698

 Here are my top 8 tips to stop or never even start stressing out. And if you do stress out, call ME! :-)

1.Don't get caught up in the mountain of details surrounding everything remotely related to the 'happiest day of your life'. The closer you get to your ceremony, the more you need to rely on the people you've chosen to delegate responsibilties to. Stay focused on your 'big picture' items: Your dress, the wedding theme, primary colors, staying connected emotionally with your fiance (and reality for that matter!). You don't have time to manage every detail and you will be exhausted and find yourself trying to simply survive your own wedding.

2.Follow your list with priorities. We have created a “to do” list which all our couples will receive after booking. This list shows you what to do and when to do it. If you follow those few easy steps your wedding will be fully planned into the greatest detail months ahead of time.

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