Hello Kitty Wedding

9/10 3698

By popular demand!!! I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t know how this would turn out. It would either be really cheesy or SUPER FUN!!! It was SUPER FUN!!! This couple stopped at nothing and took their event to another level! No dancing, no problem, they are toy makers so they did raffle prizes with new toys! The centerpieces were Hello Kitty dolls and they went FAST! Fun erasers like donuts, ice cream, cupcakes filled each setting, grab bags and customized totes designed by cartoonist, the groom himself!

Stephen & Litton Ludwig captured it to the TEE! Well done my friends, well done…I don’t have to say anything, the photos speak for themselves! More to come…

Lanikuhonua is the place, Ludwig is the photography and FUN is the theme!

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