Grand Villa Argentina, one of Dubrovnik’s luxurious five star hotels, hosted a grand vintage wedding.

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Amy and Tim, now Mr. and Mrs. Radwanski. This is a picture perfect example of how a romantic outdoors ceremony can look like.

Families are naturally close, but the closeness we experienced at Amy and Tim's wedding in Dubrovnik was rather exceptional, and certainly moving. The emotional union of the Radwanski and the Clarckson family was already established, the wedding only formalized it more.

Seeing that our decorator had received carte blanche from the bride and groom, she could basically do whatever she liked, but it is always nice to get approval or at least confirmation from a member of the family.
Amy's mother, Mrs. Clarckson, was our best pick.

As soon as everybody's hair and make up was done, we asked Mrs. Clarckson to come outside with us. As she approached the ceremony set up, tears started to flow. Words were not needed…

The wedding theme Dragica – our wedding decorator – had chosen was vintage in shades of cream, white and sage green. The ceremony was decorated with hanging orchids in green and white, and flower stands in greens and whites but the rest was purposely left white.

Following the ceremony a champagne drinks reception was planned at the outdoors lounge bar, the scenery and the natural decor made for relaxing surroundings that guests appreciated very much.
We used the time to have some pictures taken at the green gardens.

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