Dry water marble

9/10 3698

Don’t you just hate the messiness from water marbling? You’re not alone.
I love how the water marble look but I ended up with polishes on my counter, my arm, my hands, and just about everywhere…
I hate that I have to use a lot of tape and nail polish remover just for one design. That’s why I didn’t really do the water marble often (maybe once a year).
I found this really cool technique from morenailpolish.blogspot.com.com it’s less messy and save time too..
You’ll need to cut out some clean ziploc bag into small pieces and all the other stuff that you normally use for water marbling. I found that using smaller cup will get better result for this technuique.

Create the design

place the plastic on to the design and lift out the plastic with the image now attached to it.  let it dry

i tried to peel off the first one I did, but it was too thin so I did another one, I  let it dry then I  added the top coat and I let it dry again  peel it off, it should be shiny on the side that was attached to the plastic cut out the small piece to fit your nail (estimated) apply white nail polish as a base coat (this makes the design stands out more) while it  still a bit tacky, apply the design shiny face up and press firmly, remember to press around the edges as well. Once it dries then you can remove the excess design off by using your finger tip or nail polish remover. Add top coat and you’re done.