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Hotel Kazbek in Dubrovnik: ideal for exclusive private weddings

All of us here at Dubrovnik Riviera Weddings are careful before we send out wedding images of our couples, because the first thing to be respected is privacy.

But the news is out, yes, we did plan the most exclusive event at the Hotel Kazbek***** in 2012, and we're happy to share it with you.

Everybody is curious to see how others spent their big day. Especially if that big day happened to be at the Hotel Kazbek in Dubrovnik. There are not many hotels that still have that aura of old world glamour today, but this hotel definitely kept the tradition intact, with excellent service standards.

It is hard to explain what we like so much about this venue, you might argue they do not have a private beach, they do not have a view over Dubrovnik old town, they do not have a large capacity with merely 13 rooms… but in saying that, we have now listed all the possible downsides, apart from those, there are none!

We LOVE everything here: the rooms, the staff, the courtyard, the large pool (considering the size of the hotel), the lush decor and our always kind and so helpful contacts Vinka and Pave.
Nothing we asked was too much or too hard, what a great team. We love planning weddings with you!

But let's see now how a wedding at the Hotel Kazbek could look like.

Elena and Fergus are from different parts of the world so they were looking for “neutral grounds” to celebrate their wedding. They had visited Dubrovnik in 2011 and knew some venues and the area, but had little spare time to plan everything for their Irish and Russian guests whilst living in Papa New Guinea.

So after we had agreed on a budget we started to plan, mainly via skype and email, and somehow they managed to sort out a 3 day event which will not soon be forgotten.

The religious wedding ceremony in the old town of Dubrovnik

Elena was accompanied by her mother as she walked down the candlelit aisle towards Fergus.

The union was celebrated in the Saint Ignatius Church in the old town of Dubrovnik, presided by father Cibaric, who really held a lovely mass.

The Saint Ignatius church on 12.07.2012, Elena and Fergus getting married

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A glamorous wedding in Dubrovnik

Kate Hedigan and David Fleming’s wedding at the Palm Terrace of the Hotel Excelsior in Dubrovnik can only be described as a glamorous event.
The bridal party, dressed in elegant black evening gowns with diamante shoulder accents, all had perfectly matching hairdo’s, make up, flowers… it was a day planned into the smallest detail.All of their 98 wedding guests travelled the distance to Dubrovnik to witness the union at the St. Ignatius Church in the old city center. The bride walked down the aisle accompanied by her Father Mr. Hedigan. 
A champagne cruise followed after which a grand dinner was waiting for guests at the Palm Terrace.
Without further do… let’s see the work of wedding photographer Zeljko and discover how the wedding day looked like.

Mr. and Mrs. Fleming, married in Dubrovnik in June 2012, Picture taken at the Hotel Excelsior*****

Getting ready shots taken at the Hotel Excelsior, the room is complimentary offered by the hotel.

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Dubrovnik Weddings Planning tips: champagne cruises

When you do decide to get married in Dubrovnik, the chances that you are going to be tempted to organize a champagne boat cruise are quite large.With such a beautiful coastline, clear blue seas and very likely good weather, the conditions of having a cruise are optimum.
Especially for those coming from the Northern regions, where the summers are mild and IF they are lucky sunny… those guests appreciate this kind of cruise even more.

Boat cruises in Dubrovnik: tips

Tip 1: Yachts are expensive and cannot carry that many guests.

When you plan on having a boat cruise, the first thing you should know is that the boat will very likely look like a fisherman’s boat if you have a guest number up to 100.  The boats that look like yachts are having a lower capacity and less space to mingle, plus the high price makes them less suited for weddings.

Tip 2: choose a boat which has a cover to provide shade

 As you may know, it can get pretty hot here. So a shaded cover is welcome! Here below you clearly see the cover of this specific boat.

Tip 3: plan your cruise timing wisely

 Make sure the cruise falls well within your time table. Ideally, it works out well to have the cruises late afternoon, when the sun is about to set and the sky has that orange glow. That time of day adds to the magic of the overall experience.

Tip 4: Dubrovnik Port is very busy, limited docking time allowed!

The port in Dubrovnik old town is very busy. Port agents will be there at all times to ensure boats do not stay docked too long. In general, boats get a 15-minute docking slot. This means that it is not possible to have your guests waiting on a docked boat whilst you have more pictures taken. They are quite strict:; the boat must leave after 15 minutes.

Tip 4: Entertain your guests on board

All boats have some sort of sound system. Ok, this might not be a new one (no usb connections, only cd) but at least you can use it to play your favorite party music. All you need to remember is to bring the cd for it. Have your best man carry it with him, be sure to burn enough music to cover 1.5 hours.
If the thought of a cd does not appeal to you, book a klapa. These are a mini-version of the traditional klapa which is extremely popular in Croatia. They will come and sing & play in a formation of 3 or 4 men and liven up the party on board.

 Tip 5: Keep it simple

 This type of boat cruises are a relaxing, informal alternative to a traditional drinks reception. Often we are asked if it is possible to provide an appetizer buffet option on board. If you do decide to offer your guests food, keep it simple! A boat is rocking and swaying which makes it less practical to provide a number of appetizers.We prefer no elaborate appetizer options which require you to have both hands free to eat them and we generally advise against it. A wide array of salty snacks are available on board which is more than sufficient to pass the time you spend there.

 Tip 6: Payment of the cruise

 We at Dubrovnik Riviera Weddings do not accept money on behalf of the cruises, we do assist you gladly in booking them and giving you a helping hand with the securing of all the information with the boat owners so nothing can go wrong. It is worth checking how the boat owner of your chosen boat wants the payment. If the cruise would not be able to take place due to bad weather, you do not need to pay the owner at all.

Tip 7: Ask your photographer to join you

 We offer 3 hours of wedding photography as a standard. If you have a boat cruise, it is worth to consider if you would like the photographer to be present on this cruise or not. I’d say yes! Some of the most beautiful wedding images are often taken on board.

Happy Planning everyone!

The Dubrovnik Riviera Weddings-team.