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  FIRE and ICE chinese characters . robin mo…

SPRING CRITTERS: robin moses nail art design tutorial – YouTube




sMiLeY HaPpY face daisy design: robin moses nail art tutorial


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easter DUCKS IN A ROW: robin moses nail art design tutorial

EASTER bunny peeking out of an egg coffee cup (for jane): robin

 EASTER emo bunnies on green green grass design: robin moses

 EASTER bunny in grass with hidden eggs design: robin moses nail

 easter egg marbling without water: robin moses nail art tutorial

 roller derby rabbit on skates design: robin moses nail art tutorial

 DONNIE DARKO frank the rabbit design: robin moses nail art tutorial

Easy rose

A lot of people have been asking me to do the step by step easy nail arts, so here is one of them (of course there will be more coming)
Sorry for the difference in color.. I didn’t have good lighting at all that day, and plus I took it different time of the day too